17 de maig 2016


The students of the 3rd grade have worked in pairs and have created their house. They have drawn the house (or bedroom, or kitchen....) and they have described what "THERE IS" and "THERE ISN'T".

Here are some of the pictures.

25 de febr. 2016

The English ALPHABET

Here is an ALPHABET song for you to learn. Elsa and The Minions sing this song. I hope you like it!!!

24 de febr. 2016

The HOURS in English

This information is about how to say the HOURS in English. Here are some songs and videos for you to practise. Just click and have a look at them!

Look at this video and you will understand a little bit more. If not, look at this picture.

Here are some more examples. 

If you still don't understand, look at this video. In the video, you will see a clock with an hour. First think what time it is. After, the video will give you the correct answer. 

And if you still don't understand, here are different games so you can practice: 



18 de febr. 2016

A monkey's tale

Yesterday the children of the 3rd and 4th grade went to Lloret's theatre. We saw a play called "A monkey's tale". The story is about an Orangutan that lives in the zoo. Miss Carole is the new zoo director and she isn't happy. She doesn't like singing, dancing, playing games or going on holidays. So she decides to change the rules and the animals and people are not allowed to the actions just mentioned. Cappucino, the Orangutan, escapes from the zoo and goes to the bus stop. He wanted to visit his family in Borneo. At the end, Cappucino decides to stay at the zoo.

We sung, danced and played different games. We really enjoyed the play! Here are some photos.